#140 Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

Visited – June 2014

Bedford’s bigger Wetherspoons with a good sized outdoor patio and two other areas. As usual, plenty of choice and cheap food offers. It was busy for a Monday and I’d guess 40-50 people inside. The queues were not long, but service was slow with only two people working.

The was also a distinctive smell of disinfectant.

Beer 2 (Average)
Atmosphere 2 (Average)
Welcome/Service 1 (Poor)

Best Beer tasted: Banks & Taylor – Golden Fox 4.1% £1.79



#139 D’Parys, Bedford

Visited – June 2014 hotel, restaurant, pub

It’s in an up market area of Bedford and was formerly a larger hotel which now has included a bar area. The patio area looked really well kept, and quite new.
The restaurant area had a surprisingly attractive wooden slatted, multi coloured ceiling, and was presented to a standard which the food matched. It was the best meal that I’ve had in a long time, stuffed burger with perfect fries.

The was two ales on with a local guest ale too, which I chose.

Beer 4 (Very Good)
Atmosphere 4 (Very Good)
Welcome/Service 5 (Perfect)

Best Beer tasted: Wells – Humming Bird 4.2%


#138 Flower Pot, Bedford

Visited –June 2014 old, low ceilings

One of Bedford’s oldest pubs and a good deal of pictorial history adorns the walls.

I heard that it normally gets quite busy, but in the bar area I was in there was a half a dozen people drinking or playing darts, a couple reading the paper (including me) and a couple at the bar.

There were only two real ales on, London Pride and Doombar, which was a little disappointing.

Beer 3 (Good)
Atmosphere 2 (Average)
Welcome/Service 2 (Average)

Best Beer tasted: Fullers – London Pride 4.1% £3.35


#137 Tavistock Pub and Carvery, Bedford

Visited – June 2014 polite, well rounded

I went to this pub mainly for the Carvery and was quite impressed. It wasn’t over busy, with probably only a dozen eating and some of these were from the normal menu. As a result I think the peas in particular suffered from being a little past their best. On the whole though the meal was good for the cost.

The fittings were good standard and there were two ales to chose from. Staff were pleasant and willing to chat and a chorus of Happy Birthday was sung to a young guest.

Beer 3 (Good)
Atmosphere 3 (Good)
Welcome/Service 4 (Very Good)

Best Beer tasted: Wells – Eagle IPA 3.7%


#136 The Peter Cushing, Whitstable

Visited – June 2014 open spaced value

A lunchtime stroll around Whitstable and I had a hungry daughter with me. So thinking cheap, and as I had never been there before, a visit to The Peter Cushing beckoned.

The pub, is a former cinema and the bar area is as wide an open space as you could imagine. I’m not sure what this would be like if it was busy. There was a wide ranging choice of seven ales on and I chose the Goody’s Good Heavens.

As if was a hot day, we went to the beer garden which looked like it was a former car park conversion.

Beer 4 (Very Good)
Atmosphere 3 (Good)
Welcome/Service 4 (Very Good)

Best Beer tasted: Goody’s – Good Heavens 4.1%


#135 The Embankment Hotel, Bedford

Visited – June 2014 hotel, comfy, dogs

I went to this pub/hotel as I thought I read that it sports TV. However, as England’s last group game was about to kick off the staff were still looking for the extension lead. They got it working a little after kick off.

The pub was reasonably comfortable, and the clientele were in the main well dressed for the restaurant. I sat on a comfy sofa with a pint of Youngs and then had a guest ale which was also Youngs.

I was a little surprise that dogs were allowed so close to the restaurant area. Not a problem for me as the Alsatian and two pugs were behaving themselves, but others may not be as relaxed as me.

Beer 3 (Good)
Atmosphere 3 (Good)
Welcome/Service 3 (Good)

Best Beer tasted: Youngs – Humming Bird 4.2% £3.80


#134 Three Cups, Bedford

Visited – June 2014 chatty local, wheat

I casually walked up to the bar and ordered a St Austell Tribute, and was told by our chatty local that I should try the Dirty Cow. That was a wheat beer, and to be fair I can’t remember drinking one of these so I was easily persuaded. It turns out that he was a former salesman so even if I have in I would no doubt have been a challenge for him later.

Having said that the beer was a good choice – the cloudy yellow, belied its taste – and I would have had another had my need for food not taken over.

Very pleased with the pub and although not busy on Monday, the patrons and batman were friendly, so I would recommend.


Beer 5 (Perfect)
Atmosphere 4 (Very Good)
Welcome/Service 4 (Very Good)

Best Beer tasted: Concrete Cow Brewery – Dirty Cow 5.0% £3.50

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